Financial Health Assessment

Your Financial Wellness

Thank you for participating in the Financial Health Assessment.

The report that follows once you submit this form is based on your responses to the assessment statements. It is designed to provide you with feedback that will help you better understand where you stand in relation to others, as well as where you have the greatest opportunities for learning and improvement

Next Steps

Once you’ve finished the assessment, you’ll be given the opportunity to join our free Financial Wellness Portal. This private, online information portal will allow you to learn more about important financial issues and seek help if you need it.

By joining, your information will be held 100% private and no one will call on you. The information you’ll find will be educational and not promotional. Should you seek assistance, you’ll have a qualified representative available to contact.

About Velomon

The Velomon Group is excited to be able to provide this assessment and Financial Learning Portal to our friends and colleagues. 

Our goal is to provide education on the critical financial challenges facing all Americans. Our belief is that knowledge is power and when it comes to your financial health, this power is priceless.

We hope you’ll take the assessment and consider joining our free Financial Wellness Portal where you can increase your knowledge in private, at your own pace, and without anyone bothering you. Then, if the need arises, we’ll be happy to work with you to answer any questions. You just have to ask.