An Optimized Retirement Income Plan maximizes reliable retirement income - and minimizes risks that are unique to retirement

The number one fear of retirees is running out of money. This relates to uncertain asset drawdown simulations. Other risks include the impact of long-term care, inflation, and tax-rate risk.

We know you'll spend more comfortably knowing you can never run out of money, that you have a backup plan for contingencies, and that the removal of risk becomes more important than the growth or principal.

Perhaps - but probably not. Most financial advisors are paid a percentage or your account value each year. Their goal is for you to spend little - so they don't have to take a pay cut. Optimizing income and minimizing risks are contrary to their business model.

Absolutely not. There are three ways you can benefit from our expertise.  

You can have us advise you on a single topic and design a solution to address a specific need. You can hire us to do a limited-engagement fee-based review o fyour retirement plan with recommendations you can implement on your own or through another advisor. If you engage us for a fee-based review and want us to implement strategies to optimize your outcome - we apply 100% of the review fee to the work you ask us to do going forward.

Yes. You can book a 'fit' call or meeting with us where we'll ask you questions to understand your goals and concerns - you'll ask us questions about our qualifications and process - and we decide together whether we can benefit one-another.  

Our business model and compensation structure is designed to be you-centric first. That lets us look at strategies and factors others gloss by. The end result is that you'll have a more reliable and more lucrative plan as a result of our time together.

Yes. We'll 'value' the plan you're on today, offer our suggestions - and re-value your plan as it would benefit from our suggestions. If we can't show you - to your satisfaction alone - at least $250,000 of lifetime improvement, we insist on returning your fee.

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